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25 Healthy Habits

    25 Healthy Habits

    Today we will share with you 25 ways to improve your overall health. These are things you can do to live a healthier and happier life. Now disclaimer, these habits are general in nature so please seek specialist support for your individual health needs.

    Most of us, if not all of us, want to improve our physical and mental health (we certainly do!) and yet many people find challenges with living healthy or excuses that prevent them from incorporating healthy habits into their daily lives. Lack of time, not having confidence to act, not having support, or being afraid of change are some barriers to healthy living.

    But healthy living does not need to be all consuming, overwhelming, or complicated.

     Starting with small changes that are realistic for you to be consistent with and fit with your values is key.

    Professional support is available if you are wanting specific support for your individual circumstances.

    So here goes, 25 habits to incorporate into your life to improve your overall health.

    1. Eat your food mindfully
    2. Connect with your social group, friends, family, peers
    3. Drink water
    4. Exercise (read more here about exercise habits or connect with us to get started)
    5. Check in with yourself with body scanning
    6. Eat healthy foods and enjoy treats in moderation

    You could try meal planning, food tracking to ensure you are eating the right amount of calories and right amount of each macro to support your needs, seeing a dietitian for specific intervention, eating the ‘rainbow’ of vegetables, cook at home always or often, and limiting the amount of packaged food you buy

    7. Implement sleep hygiene (read more here)

    8. Get out into nature (visit the beach on the way home, walk in the park, hiking on the weekend)

    9. Engage in at least one activity that brings you pleasure

    10. Make your bed everyday

    11. Practice deep and mindful breathing

    12. Be kind to your mind; practice positive and realistic self-talk. (Seek professional help if needed)

    13. Set boundaries (for work, yourself, family, exercises, finances etc) and keep them

    14. Listen to music

    15. Keep track of what works for you and what does not fit or serve your values (this can be applied to any area of your life: relationships, food, substances)

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    16. Do exercises to improve your posture

    17. Have health check-ups and see professionals for support when needed

    18. Minimise or cease contact with people who undermine or invalidate you

    19. Engage in self-care

    20. Choose options that support being more active (take the stairs, park your car a long way from the shops or office, stretch during the day, hop off the bus or train one stop earlier)

    21. Take care of personal hygiene; create a routine

    22. Accept feelings and learn to process a range of emotions

    23. Social media detox

    24. Spend a few moments each day cleaning up your home and your work station

    25. Think critically, read widely

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    So there you have it, 25 healthy habits for you to incorporate into your life to improve your overall health.

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