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Online Psychology Australia

    Online Psychology Australia

    In Australia, just over 2.2 million people have a diagnosed mental health disorder while approximately 15% of adults experience loneliness as well as high or very high levels of psychological distress. Due to the busyness and demands of life or rural relocations for sea or green changes, getting support for healing and growth can be challenging. However, whether you are experiencing a specific mental health issue, have a diagnosed mental health disorder, or have a general sense of ill-being or discontentment, online psychology may help no matter your travel barriers, scheduling, or geographical location.

    How online psychology works

    Online psychology, otherwise known as e-psychology or telehealth is psychological therapy provided via video or telephone. If you are wanting to access online psychological therapy you will need access to a communication device such as a telephone or mobile, laptop, or tablet / ipad and reliable internet or telephone connection. Some people may also choose to wear headphones.

    Booking in for a psychology session is usually done online with a booking system and once you have scheduled an appointment, you will receive a link to access your telehealth session. When the time comes for your session, you simply click on the telehealth link which will open the video call. If the session is being conducted via telephone your psychologist will give you a call on the number you provided.

    Advantages of online psychology

    There are a number of advantages to online psychology.

    Online psychology offers the convenience of not having to travel to the psychology clinic which means less time spent in congested traffic and more time to spend on self-care or activities you enjoy. You can also plan your appointments around your schedule with no additional time needed to be scheduled for travel.

    Telehealth psychology also caters for people living in rural locations with no need to travel into busy cities or be assigned to a lengthy waitlist. You can enjoy your beach or bush surrounds during your session as well.

    It is also a good option for anyone with mobility issues, issues that prevent them from leaving their home, or people that have difficulties accessing transport.

    With online psychology, there is also no need to pause therapy if you are traveling (unless you want to) or cease therapy with your preferred psychologist if you relocate. This means if you are someone that travels for work, planning an extended holiday, or wanting to relocate homes then your psychological support can continue with no or minimal disruptions.

    As with the above, online psychology allows you to travel or geographically relocate as you need or want. In addition, you can access therapy sessions around your schedule. We offer weekend appointments as well as weekday appointments maximizing flexibility. You can also be pretty much anywhere in Australia provided you have telephone or internet connection.

    Location, location…. Online psychology allows you to be located anywhere that is most comfortable for you. Most people access therapy either from home or their office, while others head to a quite spot outdoors. If you are at home or in your office, you are free to set up the environment pretty much how you like. So, no fluorescent lights, uncomfortable waiting rooms, or stress of finding a car park (unless this is what you want).

    Here at Zenith Humans we use online software, for both the video call and documents, that is designed to keep your information safe and secure in accordance with Australian privacy and security laws and requirements. We also do not sell data, ever. With no need to travel to a clinic or ask for time off from work, no one need to know that you are in therapy. With that said, you are welcome to tell people that you are seeing a psychologist and we maintain that psychology needs to be stigma free and that one way of destigmatizing therapy is to talk about it in the same way as going to the gym. 

    Things to consider for online psychology

    Clients considering online psychology need access to a communication device such as a mobile phone or laptop and have internet or telephone connection.

    There is no difference between online or face to face psychology with regards to frequency of sessions, length of therapy, intervention options, professionalism, referral options, or session fees.

    Online psychology offers a convenient and secure way of accessing psychology support removing barriers associated with scheduling, travel, location, and mobility allowing assess to timely and continuing psychological intervention.

    To learn more about psychology or to book a session click here.

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    Online Psychology Australia

    Aka telehealth psychology or e-psychology is psychological services provided via video or telephone. Online psychology offers a convenient, secure, flexible, and comfortable way of accessing psychological therapy ensuring continuation of…